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Unakite Unakite is a beautiful green and reddish stone originally discovered in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina. Unakite is a combination of pink feldspar, green epidote, and small amounts of quartz. Unakite is often used in carved figurines, but also popular for beads and pendants. Faceted unakite is especially beautiful because of how it reflects light.

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Unakite small slipper pendant (12x23mm)
Item Number: P1988-06
Price: $1.85
View Unakite small slipper pendant (12x23mm)
Unakite owl pendant (18x35mm, metal frame)
Item Number: P1986-2
Price: $2.40
View Unakite owl pendant (18x35mm, metal frame)
Unakite pyramid pendant with metal frame (15x30mm)
Item Number: P1984-06
Price: $2.80
View Unakite pyramid pendant with metal frame (15x30mm)
Unakite large elephant pendant (28x35mm)
Item Number: P1985-6
Price: $3.40
View Unakite large elephant pendant (28x35mm)
Unakite small elephant pendant (20x27mm)
Item Number: P1985-26
Price: $2.20
View Unakite small elephant pendant (20x27mm)
Unakite rectangle pendant (30x43mm)
Item Number: P1027-6
Price: $2.70
View Unakite rectangle pendant (30x43mm)