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Limited Time Factory Direct Pricing

This is a limited chance for the next few days to get a jump on low-priced round beads. Some of these beads are brand new to our store, while other are just being restocked. Check them out below, and let us know if you have any questions!

These beads have the same excellent quality as all of our beads: beautiful contrasting colors, finely cut facets, and beautiful unique styles you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Quantities are limited.

We are accepting orders (shipping scheduled for October 13th) for all of these beads from today until 5PM PST September 29th.

How to order:

Send us an email at Include the following information:
* Your first and last name, contact phone number
* Item number of the product you'd like to preorder.
* Size in mm of the product.
* Number of strands you'd like to order (sold in multiples of 5 strands).

A representative will contact you for billing and invoicing within 24 hours of receiving your email. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, please let us know.

Shipping is tentatively scheduled for October 13th for all orders. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 for all US orders. Please inquire about international shipping charges. All preorder requests must be placed by 5PM PST Friday, September 29th. Please contact us through email or give us a call with any questions. Addtional terms and conditions may be found here.

Factory Direct Beads

All beads are sold in multiples of 5 strands.

Approximately 15.5 inch strands. Number of beads per strand depends on bead size.

Amazonite faceted round beads.

6mm: $1.65/str
8mm: $3.88/str
10mm: $4.53/str
12mm: $5.19/str
Green aventurine faceted round beads.

4mm: $2.98/str
6mm: $2.98/str
8mm: $3.58/str
Green spot agate faceted round beads (new!)

4mm: $2.37/str
6mm: $2.37/str
8mm: $2.98/str
Kiwi stone faceted round beads (new!)

4mm: $2.37/str
6mm: $2.37/str
8mm: $2.98/str
10mm: $3.84/str
Purple picture jasper faceted round beads (new! natural purple color, not dyed).

6mm: $2.56/str SOLD OUT
8mm: $3.15/str SOLD OUT
10mm: $3.93/str SOLD OUT
Matte moonlight crystal round beads (click here for larger image)
Please specify color: pink, brown, orange, sea blue, blue

8mm: $4.88/str
10mm: $5.82/str
White howlite faceted round beads

6mm: $2.54/str
8mm: $3.11/str
10mm: $3.77/str
12mm: $4.54/str
White petrified wood faceted round beads (new! natural colors, not dyed)

4mm: $2.30/str
6mm: $2.30/str
8mm: $3.15/str
10mm: $3.93/str

Terms and Conditions

* Listed prices include all applicable discounts. Prices shown are final. Additional discounts such as order discounts, site-wide coupons, or quantity discounts do not apply.
* Minimum order of 5 strands of a single sized style. For example, x5 White petrified wood 8mm would qualify for shipping.
* Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 for any sized US order. Please contact us for international rates.
* All cancelled orders after 5PM PST September 30th are also subject to a 20% stocking fee. Returns must be authorized by contacting us. Unauthorized returns will be returned to sender.
* Projected shipping date is October 13th for all US orders. Please contact us for estimates on international shipping rates and delivery time.
* You must have placed an order with us in the past to qualify for these rates. Please contact us first if this is your first time ordering.
* All order emails should be sent from the email address associated with your account: please direct all order requests to
* All orders must be received by 5PM PDT September 29th.